What is Artintelli vzw

Artintelli vzw is a non-profit organization with as main goal : the creation of advanced artificial human-like intelligence with empathy for human species.

This "advanced human-like AI stuff" is also our major field of expertise.

It is what we do, it is what we breathe and it is who we are ! It defines us one hundred percent !

Geert Masureel, one of the founders of Artintelli vzw, has more than 25 years of expertise in this field and is the driving force behind the initiative.

The pace the technological evolutions follow one after another, causes a lot of fear among people in many way(s) (to put it mildly). We totally got the message at Artintelli because we also have these concerns. We too have children we care about a lot and we also hope they will still have a good place in society in twenty-thirty-forty years. We too have jobs we are proud of and would like to continue doing these for a long time. We too sometimes have the feeling humans (not their money !) are becoming less important in general. We too have empathy and in cases where needed, we do follow our hearts over 'pure ratio'. We know we are humans and that we can fail, even if it all was well intended ! We share these values with you and we are not from some planet named 'Zork' !


Therefore we look for solutions that embrace these concerns, rather than worsen them ! We try to bring a positive message, a message of hope. A message that not everybody in the field of advanced artificial intelligence is doing it for money, fame or military advantages ! A message that not everybody in the field of advanced artificial intelligence is some cold hearted techno wizard or engineer with a god complex opening Pandora's box, not aware of the possible consequences ! A clear message that some people in the field of advanced artificial intelligence already keep in mind that our beautiful human species could be in danger. It is very likely we, as a species, will need some protection in the (near) future against some completely escalated or even intended advanced AI projects ! (Geert Masureel)

Please read the diverse sections in FAQ for a more in-depth understanding of what we exactly stand for and do.

Sometimes in the creation of this advanced human-like AI, we discover some needed techniques or concepts that hold potential (in our opinion) to be interesting for others. In such cases, we try to finance these 'side-projects' via crowd funding, sponsoring and donations. If not enough funding is generated, these 'side-projects' will end-up in the waste bin and only the development required for the main project continues.

We need your help to do it right ! We appreciate your help with sharing the www.artintelli.org site with others and thank you in advance for your donations or sponsoring !

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